Art Fundraiser

This opportunity is only available to MGE families every two years! Don’t miss your chance to get items to showcase your child’s original artwork.

Every two years, Ms. Springer works diligently with each of our Geckos to create special works of art that are transformed into individual, quality products that can be shared with family and friends. These products present your child’s art and make fun, personal and creative gifts to give during the holidays or to have proudly displayed throughout your home. Your purchase will also support the art program at Morris Grove!

Here's how to find your child's artwork and see it displayed on mugs, jewelry, stationery, and more:

1. Visit

2. Click on the "Shop" header and select "Art Search" from the pop-up menu

3. Enter "North Carolina," "Morris Grove Elementary School," and your child's “First" and "Last Name" to search for their artwork. Then click "Search."

4. Your child's art should now be displayed below the Search button. You should see the teacher's name below the image and may be able to see your child's signature on their work, if it's readable.

5. Click "Add to My Art"

6. Click on "My Art" on the top menu, then select "Start Shopping."

7. Buy awesome gifts with your child's art on them!

8. During Check Out, you can select either “Ship to Home” (free shipping on orders over $75) or “ Ship to School” (Free Shipping). If you ship to school, we will notify you when your items arrive and will have designated times that you may come to the school to pick up your order.

Place orders NO LATER THAN 11/23! This deadline allows us to receive your products in time for the holidays.

Thanks for your support of the art program at Morris Grove!

Contact Caroline Zarzar with any questions: