Reflections Art Contest

It is time for the National PTA Reflections Program!

The theme for 2022-2023 is "Show Your Voice". Students are encouraged to reflect on the theme and submit pieces in one or more artistic areas: Visual Arts, Dance Choreography, Literature, Music Composition, Photography and/or Film Production. Work is blindly evaluated by local artist judges based on interpretation of theme, creativity and technique. All submissions are due to by November 18, 2022.

The PTA Reflections Arts Program is an annual arts program contest which encourages students to:

- Unleash creative talents and be inspired

- Express themselves imaginatively in their artwork

- Experience the fun and joy of making art

- Tap into critical thinking skills to create art inspired by the annual theme

- Receive positive recognition for their original works of art

Click here for the Program Rules and Entry Form

More information can be found on the PTA Reflections Program Website

Check out what some of our Geckos submitted last year:

2021-2022 Morris Grove Reflections Artwork "I Will Change the World By..."